Foxtopia NFT Collection

Hidden in the depths of mankind, was a kingdom where utopia existed between five clans of foxes and their little companions. They thrived on their own strengths and abilities, unique to every clan. Each having their own role and place, they lived harmoniously under the rules of Foxtopia.

The clans were ruled by the ancient and mythical nine-tailed foxes, who were a symbol of peace and serenity. Each nine-tailed fox had the ability to shapeshift into any form, making its true identity never known. Younger generations would whisper about an indescribable aura that would surround the atmosphere from time to time. Only once every century did they appear under a pink moon, and take on its true form.

Nature, life, and all things were kind to them, until one day, a single nine-tailed fox went rogue. With one goal in mind, to sow discord among the clans and wreak havoc within Foxtopia. Peace was destroyed. Nature too, was unsettled. The earth rumbled and thunderstorms shook the kingdom. Trees were uprooted and the once clear air was now tainted. A heavy and mysterious fog took over the island. Cries were heard, and blood was shed. Chaos reigned.

There came a constant battle, where foxes together with their companions began to scheme and fight for power to rule the land.

Which clan will you choose?

Whose side are you on?

Embark on a quest to lead your fox together with its supportive companion to glory!
Restore utopia within the kingdom.


Foxtopia NFT Collection


Surrounding the waters of Foxtopia are the Winoa, who are known for their dexterity and deep knowledge of nature. Foxes here are the healers of the kingdom. Their skillful hands make them experts in knives, both for the wounded and also in swordplay. Easily adaptable to change, they are resilient in all types of environments. Their one flaw is in trusting others too easily. They are the only clan that share a special connection with the ocean and are able to call upon its powers deep within, creating thunderstorms and blizzards, be it night or day.

Foxtopia NFT Collection


The Flarius are renowned for their strongest and fiercest foxes in the kingdom. With their brute strength, they spare no mercy against their enemies, and walk the land without fear. Often found pacing around their glowing ember fire caves, they are known for their impatience and hostility and are hastily eager to pick a fight. Incur their wrath and streams of scorching hot lava and tumbling hot coal may come your way.

Foxtopia NFT Collection


The Elexaus form the heart of Foxtopia. With compassionate hearts, they uphold the highest virtues within the land. Known for their acute sense of hearing and sharp eyesight, they tend to be easily timid and jump at the slightest noise or shadow, usually keeping them safe from harm. The Elexaus love nothing more than to nurture and guide little lost companions and lead them back to where they belong. Well-loved by all creatures and nature itself, elders of the clan are able to call upon the forces of nature to protect and defend. Experience an earthquake, fast growing vines that choke or plants that emit poisonous spores.

Foxtopia NFT Collection


The Arani are incredibly agile and possess stealth like no other. Across the distance they appear like gusts of wind as they swiftly move from mountain to mountain top. With not a care in the world, their arrogance and unreliability can often be their downfall. Little is known about their true way of life as they flit from one task to another and remain easily undetected. You know that you are in their way if a tornado sweeps you off your feet.

Foxtopia NFT Collection


Belonging to the Satulonia clan are the brains behind Foxtopia, carefully maintaining balance within the ecosystem. Their strength lies in their persistence and hunger for knowledge to become better, and their ingenuity sets them apart from the other clans. These highly intelligent and technologically savvy individuals have the power of telekinesis and are capable of moving anything within a ten metre radius. Upon command, an invisible force emanates from the centre of their body to repel and deflect any attacks launched against them. They however lack speed and awareness of their surroundings, often creating opportunities for their enemies. Constantly multitasking, they teleport to and from their top secret labs throughout their land.


The Battle Begins

On the 8th January our first war cry was heard!
All 600 foxes were sold out from our first collection in our presale.

On the 24th January 2022 at 11PM UTC, another troop of 6900 foxes from our second collection will be sent out for battle in our public launch!
Its time to mint!
Who will restore peace to Foxtopia?
Will you be lucky enough to have one out of five exclusive clan leaders leading your quest?

Sharing The Love

Two legendary nine-tailed foxes are shape shifting within the Solana blockchain. Capture one to reveal its true form and earn yourself *$10,000.

Own one of our five clan leaders to receive *$3,000 for your esteemed leadership.

Some foxes are biting onto hidden stacks of cash. Mint one of these to claim 1 SOL and a free Companion NFT from our second launch.

Prizes will be distributed when 70% of the foxes from our public launch have been successfully minted.

*Snapshots will be taken.

Foxtopia Treasury

The primary focus and drive of this project is our community. We want all voices to be heard as we highly value your long term support.

10% of the initial mint + 30% of secondary market sales royalties will go directly into our community funds as we look to integrate Grape technology into our DAO structure. The remaining proceeds will be used for continuing project development in aim to benefit our holders.

The Next Chapter

Every powerful fox has a trusty companion to aid them in their mission to accumulate the best resources throughout their battle. There will be limited numbers for this second launch. Random fox owners will have a chance at having an airdropped companion and also early minting access. Not every fox will be lucky enough to have a companion fighting side by side!

Foxes Lair

Foxes are very playful creatures. Games and contests will become a regular event in our den! Participate in a Collection Quest where Foxtopia and Companion NFTs belonging to the same clan can unlock and receive a special weapon for in-game use.

Join us in our Foxtopia Matching Contest! Our community will vote and crown the winners of our best matched fox and companion of the same clan.

Foxie Token and Staking

All Foxtopia and Companion NFT holders will be airdropped $Foxie upon token launch. Participate in staking to earn additional tokens daily.

The Defense of Foxtopia

Play for free, and earn for real. Immerse yourself in battle to prevent the fall of Foxtopia. Participate in either PVP or PVE game modes and select from a variety of accessories and items from our in-game marketplace. Exclusive weapons will be available with completion of our collection quest.


Foxtopia NFT Collection
Foxtopia NFT Collection

Choco Lord


Experienced financial guru, crypto entrepreneur and a hardcore online gamer.

Foxtopia NFT Collection


(Project lead)

Crypto enthusiast and corporate banker of multi million dollar portfolios.

Foxtopia NFT Collection


(Creative lead)

Design whizz, Marketing and Sales Director with more than 15 years of experience in advertising.

Foxtopia NFT Collection


(Marketing lead)

Music and art enthusiast, physiotherapist by day and creative content writer by night

Foxtopia NFT Collection


(Character artist)

Creative director with 18 years of experience in character design and animation.

Foxtopia NFT Collection


(Concept artist)

Gaming and art director with 11 years of extensive lead experience in projects such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Big Hero, Sofia the First etc

Foxtopia NFT Collection

Foxtopia is a hidden mysterious land within Solana where foxes and their companions live together. Collectively, our pre-sale and public launch involve a total of 7,500 digitally hand-drawn foxes with over 190 unique traits.

24th January 2022 at 11PM UTC.

Full minting instructions will be announced in our discord server closer to the time.

Minting each fox will cost 1 Sol per transaction. If you miss out on minting a fox, you can head to one of our secondary marketplaces for another opportunity to own one.

You will be able to mint using Phantom (recommended) or Sollet wallets.

We are a highly capable and community-driven team of gaming, art and crypto enthusiasts that have consulted different members of our community to incorporate the most popular votes with every piece of artwork and design for our characters.

Through rigorous discussions we have ensured that every single detail in our artwork is of utmost quality.

We are pursuing our lifelong dream of creating and bringing our NFT characters to life through our very own utility token and gameplay.

This is only the beginning and we are here to stay.

Fret not. Give us a yell at any time of the day!

Hop onto our Discord / Twitter

Foxtopia NFT Collection